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PRO-ZAP seated in Ostrów Wielkopolski was founded in 1994 by the employees of the former Zakłady Automatyki Przemysłowej. Originally, the company dealt mainly with designing automation systems. Gradually, as the firm developed, other services were being added to its offer, such as assembling of control cabinets, overall assemblies and system start-ups.

The year 2001 was a crucial point in the company's history. It was then when its new seat was commissioned and the firm extended its scope of business by making its debut in the area of production process automation. Then it started to construct robotized working stations, for example dedicated to assembling and testing.

The company saw new prospects in 2008, when it joined the Introl Group. This group, thanks to the complementarity of the entities which comprise it, will be able to offer a much wider scope of services, with even general contracting included.

Milestones in our history in review




Join in the Introl Group


Transformation into PRO-ZAP LLC. Extension of scope of activities to production process automation.


The PRO-ZAP GP was formed.