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Production automation

We offer automated devices that form part of production systems suitable for various products.

Some of our most important products are:

  • assembly and inspection stations,
  • production lines,
  • robotised stations,
  • testing stations,
  • palletising equipment,
  • packing machines.

The above solutions are offered mainly for:

  • motor industry,
  • packaging material manufacturers,
  • food industry.

We are also open to the needs of other industries.

Our services include deliveries of complete equipment and devices, but we also modernise, reconstruct and adapt the existing machinery and stations to new products.

Our offer includes:

  • elaboration of concepts of stations,
  • preparation of field-specific designs:
  • - mechanics (construction)
  • - electrics and automatics
  • - pneumatics
  • - hydraulics
  • construction or modernisation of stations,
  • creation of steering algorithms,
  • programming controllers and computers,
  • start-up of stations,
  • assembly of stations at the client's site,
  • start-up of stations at the client's site,
  • training operatives and maintenance staff,
  • production assistance,
  • preparation of operating and servicing instructions.