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Telemetry monitoring

Our offer results even more complete thanks to monitoring systems and telemetric systems.

Since monitoring systems are often present in telemetric techniques, we combine these two areas of activity.

The following can be mentioned as examples of monitoring systems:

  • energy and utility consumption monitoring,
  • production monitoring (control and registration of manufacturing parameters of products, registration of shortages and their reasons),
  • quality monitoring of surface water prior to intake (river intakes),
  • hydro-meteorological monitoring,
  • monitoring of machinery working parameters, reporting to maintenance staff.

In order to assure a complex implementation of an investment project, we also monitor facilities by means of closed-circuit television and controlled access systems.

We provide monitoring systems applying various technologies which are dependant on the nature of a given facility. Quite an interesting solution is to use the computer network existing in the plant to transfer measurement data to the central computer. This allows the organisation to save the costs of system implementation.

For big facilities, we apply telemetric systems of monitoring and steering. We provide them by means of radio, GSM mobile telephony, commuted and permanent cable connections.

Some examples of such applications:

  • water intakes for water supply systems,
  • water and sewage intermediate pumping stations,
  • hydrotechnical facilities,
  • meteorological and hydrological stations (we created a system of 50 stations in the Danube catchment area to protect the Czorsztyn-Niedzica reservoir).